Quince & Apple Syrups

by: Quince & Apple

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Quince and Apple is an especially special maker, because even as they've grown in popularity, they've kept it small. They still do all the dirty work themselves, and taste each and every batch of their preserves and syrups for quality (sign me up for that job!). So let's all raise a glass, stay cool, and get a little tipsy. Cheers!

Lime and Cucumber: Mix this delectable syrup with a little tequila (or a lot of gin), and you've got a citrusy delight that really packs a punch. The incredibly fresh and tangy notes are sure to spirit (pun intended) you away to sandy beaches and crystal water.

Tart Cherry Grenadine: Made from Wisconsin tart cherries, Quince & Apple promises it tastes as good in cocktails as it does splashed in soda…wouldn't you like to find out? Grenadine is perfect in sodas or your favorite cocktails. It will knock your socks off in your next Shirley Temple.

Rhubarb Hops: This syrup has a mellow tart flavor made for easy cocktails, and performs beautifully splashed into soda, muddled with herbs and vodka, and, our favorite, mingling with sparkling wine.

Citrus Syrup: Packed with flavor from lemons, limes, lemongrass and lime leaves, this syrup will spark up any Tom Collins, or perform beautifully splashed into soda or sparkling wine.


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