Custom Gift Styling

Move over artificial, bulky, manufactured gift baskets. Modern society deserves gifts styled with a respect for old-fashioned hospitality, small business vision and love for our planet.

Winner of the prestigious 2013 IACP award for Best Culinary Brand, Eat Boutique specializes in food gifts that hug you back. All of our gourmet gifts feature food made by independent mom-and-pop style makers who prioritize deliciousness, small business vision and beautiful design.

Curate Your Own Gift Box
Eat Boutique has been hired as food gift stylists by forward-thinking companies in the technology, design, music and publishing fields who want to gift special boutique food to employees, VIP clients and friends or family. We will style a food gift that fits your specific personality or business needs.
Curate Your Own Gift Box
By showing your appreciation for an employee, client or business prospect with our boutique food discoveries, you're supporting the small business ecosystem as well as time-honored traditions, heirloom recipes and modern, chic design.
Curate Your Own Gift Box
Eat Boutique can ship to individual recipients or bulk ship to an office or offsite location, like hotels and conference centers. We deliver on the highest customer service standards. If you are not completely satisfied, simply put, we'll make it right.
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