Morris Kitchen Syrups

by: Morris Kitchen

Originating in 2009 with the simple idea to create and share food, Morris Kitchen offers a variety of seasonal syrups to elevate cocktails and cooking. The Brooklyn-based company guarantees that its products contain at least 50% of American ingredients.

Ginger Syrup: Capturing the essence of freshly grated ginger, this syrup is delightful in recipes like: Ginger Rose Sparkler, Winter Salad, Miso & Ginger Dressing, Honey Saffron Ginger Cocktail.

Preserved Lemon Syrup: Made with house preserved lemons, this syrup adds a bright citrus note to recipes such as: Preserved Lemon Cocktail, Meyer Lemon Rosemary Tart.

Spiced Apple Syrup: New York State apple cider is mixed with mulling spices to create a syrup that is absolutely delicious with any caramel-colored liquor, like in a Apple Orange Hot Toddy. We also like to add it to club soda for an impromptu apple-flavored soda.

Grenadine: This is a brilliantly red syrup that mixes sugar and pomegranate juice with tart cherry juice, Madagascar vanilla bean and orange flower water.


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