Royal Rose Simple Syrups

by: Royal Rose Simple Syrups

What began in a tiny Brooklyn Kitchen has now become a beloved staple among bartenders—at home and beyond. Royal Rose Simple Syrups makes every ounce of syrup in small batches, using only the best ingredients (i.e. 100% organic, fair trade sugar, herbs, and spices).

Rose Syrup: Three small ingredients (rose petals, cane sugar, and lime juice). Big and beautiful flavor.

Three Chiles Syrup: Fresh poblano and jalapeño peppers join forces with dried ancho chiles to create a highly addictive sweet and smoky syrup.

Cardamom-Clove Syrup: 100% Organic. 100% delightful. Perfect addition to a chilly evening.

Tamarind Syrup: Add a little spice to your life (or cocktails, for that matter) with this tangy, tart, sweet syrup.


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