Stewart & Claire Lip Balm

by: Stewart & Claire

This is what happens when an editor at Food & Wine Magazine and a Musician put their heads together over cocktails. You get all-natural, organic, delicious-smelling lip balms. All are made by hand from organic oils, butters, and golden beeswax and without any artificial flavorings. Try them. We promise your lips will thank you.

Coconut: Made with extra-virgin coconut, this subtle tropical scent will whisk you away from those grey days.

Old Fashioned: Cedar, bitter orange, and a touch of vanilla and cinnamon? You'll either crave a bourbon-based drink--or your grandfather's pipe.

Winter: Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate (need we say more?), this lip balm is rich with cocoa butter to help combat those cold, dry days of the season.

Set of 3 with Burlap Bag: Try all three, though we think you'll have a hard time picking a favorite. We know we did.


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